Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do I need to bring riding gear?
A. Yes, you should bring your own riding gear. We have limited spare gear available if you forget something or tear some gear up, but plan to bring all your own. You might also want to buy some new gear from one of the So Cal Dirt Bike Superstores!
Q. Which airport should I fly into?
A. Los Angeles International (LAX) is normally the easiest from overseas. San Diego (SAN) and Ontario, California (ONT) are closest to Temecula.
Q. Which bikes can I ride?
A. We have new model 250s, 350s and 450s available from many of the manufacturers, but book early in order to make sure that you get the bike that you prefer.
Q. Can I get training and lessons from Kurt?
A. Not in the true sense, no. Riders should already be proficient on a dirt bike (but in no way do you have to be an expert). These are designed to be fun vacations, with everyone riding the best tracks in the World. Kurt loves to help where he can, but this is not a training school. We want everyone to ride within their ability and go home safe and have the greatest trip ever!
Q. What is the accommodation and food like?
A. Your hotel is included in the price. We book a few different hotels, all with great locations close to all the action in Temecula. Breakfast is included at the hotel, lunch we will normally eat at the track and you are free to choose from the many great Temecula restaurants for dinner. The first night everyone eats together at Kurt’s house in Temecula and he cooks a mean BBQ! All food options catered for at the BBQ, just mention food requests when you book.
Q. What if I don’t speak English very well?
A. Kurt speaks fluent French and moderate German. Motocross has an international language, and you will have a great time speaking ‘Moto’ with Americans!
Q. How is the weather?
A. Normally there is very little rain. We will very, very rarely be rained out and most of the time the next day dirt is amazing after rain! It can get hot in the summer, but we bring shade to the tracks and plenty of water.

Q. What if I’m not a great rider?
A. That’s okay! The awesome thing is that most of the tracks we ride here in Southern California cater for all abilities, often with a vet track, amateur track and pro track. They are perfectly prepared and we encourage all abilities to come and experience them. Kurt loves riding MX with everyone, and you will never feel out of place on the Southern California tracks.
Q. What if I want to bring my wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, kids?
A. Terrific! Southern California is a fantastic vacation destination for both MX riders and non riders. On the days that you don’t ride, we will help you organize trips to the beach, Disneyland, theme parks, or you can take your significant other sight seeing, wine-tasting or hang by the hotel pool. There are so many options! We charge a non-rider price that covers the hotel, airport pick ups, welcome BBQ etc. What sets us apart is this is designed to be a true vacation and we know that everyone will have the time of their lives. Kids are welcome to come over and ride too, but we will have to make special arrangements to get the smaller bikes, so let’s discuss this in advance.
Q. What if I damage the bike?
A. The bikes will be perfectly prepared, and on the first evening Kurt will make sure that everything is set up to suit you. If you are especially light, heavy, tall or short then let us know and we will do our best to get the bike ready in advance. We will look after normal wear and tear, blown motors or suspension, of course. If you do deliberate damage, or you are riding recklessly, then we reserve the right to charge you for the willful damages.
Q. Do I need an immigration visa?
A. Most countries just require an easy online visa to enter the USA on vacation, but certain countries require other visas. Please check requirements online, or give us a call to discuss.
Q. Do I need travel/ health insurance?
A. Yes, you will need to cover yourself in case you have an accident. We will make sure that you get the care you need if you do crash, but the hospitals require proof of insurance. You can find rider’s insurance here: Get Insurance
Q. How do I book?
A. You can book directly off this website with a credit card. You will pay a 30% non-refundable deposit on booking, and then the balance 4 weeks before your trip.
Q. How can I contact you for more details?

A. You can e mail Kurt on or give him a call on USA number +1-951-795-2411. We can’t wait to help you book your best ever vacation package!